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What’s Wrong with Microsoft Live Search

I got sent a link for Big Snap 2, Microsoft’s latest promotion to get people to use Live Search. But let me tell you, they could give a Ferrari to every user and it still wouldn’t get people to switch from Google.

Why? Because the most basic relevance for some incredibly popular terms is still awful. Let me give two examples:

  1. Facebook: The first result for this search is… wait for it… Amicus: the trade union! How can that possibly be right? The Facebook homepage is down as position 6. Total crap.
  2. Myspace: The top result for this is, a site that’s got more spam in it than a Monty Python convention. The Myspace homepage languishes at postion 5. Garbage.

According to Hitwise, Facebook is the #1 search term in the UK; Myspace is #7. How many users are disappointed everyday on Live Search because of this?

Oh mighty gods of Microsoft, please, please, please get this right. Screw your algorithm, hand write these results.

I so want you to do well, as do many others in the SEM community. It’s so incredibly important. Then I’ll try to win a few John Lewis vouchers.

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