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Moving on to something new

Eight years ago today, I walked into a small serviced office in Covent Garden. Four-and-a-half desks was the grand total of Efficient Frontier in Europe. Mine was the half.

I gave myself three months to check out whether the technology they said they had really did what it claimed. Otherwise I’d be off and back to the safety of agency land.

It checked out. It really did.

Five years later Adobe swooped in, bought the company and integrated the technology into the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Now I’ve checked out.

I decided in the summer to take a step back, and see what the next chapter should be. Last month I said my goodbyes to Adobe and the wonderful people who work there.

I’m going to enjoy some time off for the next couple of months. That also gives me time to figure out what to do next.
I doubt that’s going to be as focused on search marketing. That’s why this site now sits on the domain, and my Twitter account is now just @beeston.
If you’re certain you have the perfect job for me, then of course I’d love to hear from you. But if you’d like a coffee to chew over digital marketing, ad tech, mobile – you name it – then that’s good too. Get in touch here.

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