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I spent part of last week at Internet World, a three day event at Earls Court Exhibition Centre. More accurately it was at ‘Earls Court 2’, a name entirely without imagination. Surely ‘Earls Court: The Reckoning’ or ‘Earls Court Strikes Back’ would have given it a bit more umph. Anyway, it is a vast indoor arena that was stuffed full of every kind of online technology and marketing company that you could imagine.

Although I’m not a big fan of exhibitions, they are a good chance to catch up with old colleagues and business partners, and to get a measure of what the digerati are thinking. I also contributed to a panel on search on Thursday morning, together with Amanda Davie (i-level), Hedley Aylott (Summit Media) and Jonty Kelt (DoubleClick).

I picked up on that advertisers and agencies are still struggling to manage large, complex search campaigns. One person remarked that search required the most work of all the media they planned, and was the least profitable. Another expressed dissatisfaction with the tool he was currently using, questioning what it really did to make his team efficient and effective. Both of these comments came from agencies.

Paid search management still has a long way to go.

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