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Hello World

Welcome. I thought I’d start my first post with the traditional ‘Hello World’ greeting – this is the Internet, after all.

There are a million and one blogs on search marketing, and I’m going to try hard not to imitate them by blogging every time Larry Page scratches his nose or looking for hidden meanings in Matt Cutts choice of holiday destination. There are plenty of web sites that will do that with more vigour than I could ever hope for.

Instead I’ll try to do three things:

  1. Focus on paid search, not organic. Although I know a fair bit about SEO, I don’t practise it any more, nor do I find it as interesting as PPC.
  2. Write from a UK (and sometimes European) perspective. As much as I enjoy reading stuff from across the pond, I don’t think that British SEM is as represented as it ought to be.
  3. Speak my mind, but not be a contrarian just for the sake of it.

You can pick me up on the above if you don’t think I’m acheiving my aims. I hope you enjoy reading!

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