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Google’s UK Revenues in GBP

Google’s Q2 2009 results came out last week, with the usual parade of pre-forecasting and post-analysis. I thought it would be useful to breakout the UK component of their revenues. Being a US company, Google report in US dollars, so I’ve made a rough estimate of what those revenues are in sterling.

AcxiomAcxiom's Liveramp is widely used to onboard data into DMPs, but it looks like it's being broadened to include DMP functionality itself.
AdformAdform is an independent ad platform, originally from Denmark.
AdobeLeaderLeaderA very early play in the DMP space, Adobe bought Demdex in 2011 and it's now part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.
CollectiveCollective's Visto platform cites 'centralized data management' as one of its features.
Commanders ActIndependent DMP based in Paris.
CxenseContenderNiche PlayerBased in Oslo, Norway.
DataXuChallengerFounded in 2009, a long time participant in ad tech.
Eulerian TechnologiesChallengerBased in Paris, France.
exaudiIndependent DMP based in Italy.
Google Audience Center 360Strong PerformerA very new entrant to the market, Google release Audience Center last year as part of its '360' rebrand of analytics and data products.
IgnitionOneVisionaryIgnitionOne aqcuired DMP Knotice in 2014 to enhance its advertising platform.
LotameStrong PerformerOne of the oldest, and still independent, DMPs.
LyticsLytics’ Customer Data Platform looks like it has some DMP capabilities.
MediaMathChallengerLong time player in the programmatic ads space.
mParticleFocused on mobile apps and cross-device.
NeustarLeaderVisionaryNeustar bought Aggregate Knowledge in 2013.
NielsenChallengerVeteran measurement company Nielsen acquired Exelate in 2015, which is now marketed as the Nielsen Marketing Cloud.
OracleStrong PerformerLeaderOracle acquired DMP BlueKai in 2014 and the platform is now part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud.
PermutivePermutive is a London-based startup which describes itself as the 'first real-time DMP'.
Relay42Independent DMP based in Amsterdam.
Rocket FuelRocket Fuel bought [x+1] in 2014. Originally an ad network, Rocket Fuel is pivoting towards a SaaS platform.
RUNPart of Publicis Media group.
SalesforceLeaderLeaderSalesforce bought Krux last year to roll in to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
SAPChallengerSAP built a DMP as part of its SAP Exchange Media offering.
TurnChallengerIn the process of being acquired by Amobee (Singtel).
Viant TechnologyChallengerAcquired by Time Inc in 2016.
YsanceChallengerBased in Paris, France.
Zeta GlobalVisionary
ZiplineStrong PerformerDMP from KBM Group, which is part of Wunderman Group, a WPP agency.

I’ve taken the FX rates from quarterly mid-market averages supplied by And for the more visually minded, here’s that data in a chart:

The data suggests that the UK business has started to mature since the start of 2008. We can clearly see the seasonal trends (high Q1, Q4; lower Q2, Q3) that one would expect as overall growth diminishes. Although we have only 2 quarters of data for this year so far, this seasonality seems to be more marked.

I’m sure, like me, you can’t resist a couple more charts. So here they are. The first one looks at quarter-over-quarter change:

The second looks at year-on-year change:

So with double-digit YoY growth in a recession, perhaps Google doesn’t have too much to worry about in the UK.

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