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Google Think Quarterly print edition

My copy of Google Think Quarterly just arrived in the post. Although it’s available online, Google has sent me a lovely hardback copy. Probably one of the nicest pieces of print marketing I’ve seen in a long while; I dread to think what the unit cost is. Here are some photos:

Came in a nice cardboard box with a card that was in a handwritten envelope. Note the wax seal on the ribbon.

The book was inside a red translucent protector, showing a human brain on the cover

Remove the cover, and in fact there’s a lightbulb inside the brain too

A closer look at the lightbulb reveals it’s made up of my name. Add 25% to the unit cost.

At the back there’s a three-dimensional, pop-up infographic about TFL’s cycle hire scheme. Add another 25% to the unit cost.

On the back, handwritten, is 885/1500, so I feel honoured I made it into such a short print run!

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