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Google Alphabet and Personal Alphabet

Google graduated its Suggest tool out of labs last week. A couple of blogs have listed the Google Alphabet (ie what Google suggests for each letter) in English and French.

If you’re a Firefox 3 user (and if you’re not, you really should be) then you can create your own personal alphabet using the Smart Location Bar. Here’s mine:

A = Amazon UK

B = (who I booked with to fly to San Francisco last month)

C = Cricinfo

D = WordPress Dashboard of this blog

E = Efficient Frontier

F = Facebook

G = The Guardian newspaper

H = Hertz


J = My homepage on the EF intranet

K = Kayak UK

L = LinkedIn

M = Google Maps UK

N = BBC News

O = The Oatcake, Stoke City’s fanzine

P =, specifically their Punjabi fonts download page

Q = Google Reader

R =

S = Statcounter

T = Twitter

U = United Airlines UK, who actually flew me to and from San Francisco (never again!)

V = Hotel Vitale, somewhere we didn’t end up staying in San Francisco

W = Webmasterworld

X = Google Reader again

Y = Youtube

Z = Zagat

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