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Does Google Ever Give A Quality Score of 8 For UK Campaigns?

I’ve been using an internal EF tool that gives quick, top-level data on quality score for an account (e.g. 100 keywords with 10, 150 keywords with 9 etc). Something that struck me after looking at a few accounts: no keywords ever had a quality score of 8.

Weird, I thought, must be something wrong with the tool. So I downloaded some of the accounts into Adwords Editor for a closer look. Still no 8s. After a going over a good number of accounts, here’s what I found:

  • Campaigns targeted to the UK and bought in GBP never have live keywords with a quality score of 8.
  • The only 8s I found were paused – either at the keyword, adgroup or campaign level.
  • One account that is targeted to the UK but bought in USD has 8s a plenty.
  • Campaigns targeted anywhere else (continental Europe, US, you name it) have 8s.

I’ve asked a couple of friends who run campaigns to check too, and they see the same. So what’s going on here? Just a bug I suppose. But are we at any advantage or disadvantage? Are there 7s that should be 8s, or 9s that should be 8s? Let me know your thoughts!

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